We hope that you had a lovely holiday, enjoyed your stay, and that everything went smoothly. Please feel free to take some business cards for friends, if you’d like. We will be in touch with you shortly.



dispose of perishable food and empty fridge

remove unfinished food (leaving oil, vinegar, condiments, sugar, etc for next guests)

wash dishes and return to cupboards

empty bins, leaving rubbish in the green communal bin at the end of the road

leave used bed linen and towels in the bath (pillow / mattress protectors stay in place)

check drawers, wardrobes, bathrooms, safe

store sun lounger cushions in garden boxes, and dining chair cushions in utility

return pool toys to garden box

leave parasol down

close curtains and blinds

arrange furniture as it was on arrival (if moved)

switch off air conditioning, leaving remotes on tables in the correct rooms (labels on backs)

check that all windows and doors are locked

leave keys in key safe, twirl dials, slide cover, and vacate villa by 11:00 (unless a later checkout has been agreed)


Please leave ready for the next guests. Changeovers are on a tight schedule, and the BBQ is not part of the cleaning routine. We charge £20 if our cleaner needs to do it. We clean the grill plates with soapy water and a steel scourer, and the outside with a soft (non-abrasive) damp cloth.


Accidents happen! We don’t worry about the odd glass or dish, but prefer to know.  There’s no need to replace items, as we keep matching spares.


We appreciate feedback about your stay – suggestions help us to improve things for all. Recommendations are particularly helpful for fellow guests:   Feedback form We like to add comments to the website, and are keen to grow our followers on social media.

We’d also love to collect some  Facebook or  Google reviews, because their independence carries more weight.

Snags and suggestions

The utility whiteboard is for quick housekeeping notes (eg light-bulbs, breakages). Don’t assume we know. Hopefully if anything more serious arose during your stay, you would have already told us. Even if it’s something that doesn’t bother you, the next guests may feel differently, and some fixes take time.


We may surcharge in the rare event that the villa is left very dirty, for putting dishes away, for delaying a changeover by checking out late, or for rubbish disposal.

Many thanks!  Nikki and Peter

Bon voyage


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