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New: easyJet Onboard WiFi

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A new feature for 2023 is ‘easyJet onboard’ closed-loop WiFi. Once logged on, you can browse the food and drink menu, check out the duty free shopping options, play games, and – our favourite – access the flight map to track your journey in real time.

How To Connect

1 easyJet onboard QR

This feature is available once the aircraft has reached an altitude of 10,000 feet. With your device in flight mode, search the WiFi networks for easyJet onboard and once connected, either type onboard.easyjet.com into your browser, or scan the QR code shown on the card in front of you.

easyJet Onboard Games

3 easyJet onboard games
4 easyJet onboard sudoku

A choice of six entertaining games helps pass the time. As a sudoku addict, I was very happy with their simple, yet absorbing version.

The Flight Map – “Are We Nearly There Yet?”

A fascinating rolling slideshow of interactive views showing the live flight progress, with stats in alternating metric and imperial measurements. You can also drag and drop to see different perspectives. The perfect answer to the perennial question “Are we nearly there yet?”

WiFi Questions

The closed-loop WiFi is an internal onboard system with no access to the Internet. Access is free, with no data charges.

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