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Pambos with satellite tracker fitted

An Incredible Turtle Migration Story

Thanks to satellite telemetry, scientists and conservationists are able to accurately track turtle movements through the oceans. While most sea turtles migrate between foraging and nesting grounds, in some cases seasonal migrations can cover the most incredible distances. Here is
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Underwater Activities for All

Snorkelling The simplest and most accessible way of getting a great view of what lies beneath is to don a mask and learn to breathe through a snorkel. With so much flora and fauna within the clear warm Mediterranean waters,
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What do you fancy for dinner

Answering Your Dining Dilemmas

Ever had the situation when you have a yearning for one type of cuisine while your loved ones want something different? Usually dinner menus have enough options to satisfy everyone, but occasionally you find an establishment that goes even further.
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Plenty of viewing and listening options

Ampeli Villa: 2019 Updates

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to tweak and improve your stay at aiming to make it as easy, comfortable and welcoming as we can. In addition to our regular maintenance, there’s an ever-growing list of ideas for
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Brexit Need To Knows

Like everyone else we had hoped that this would be finalised by now. Rest assured you can still happily arrange a holiday to Cyprus whatever happens with Brexit in the coming weeks and months. At the time of writing, (31
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Waiting for the show at Pissouri amphitheatre

Live Music For Summer Evenings in Pissouri

A visit to Pissouri amphitheatre for one of the summer ‘tribute act’ shows is one of our favs. There’s something magical and special about a live musical performance, and when it includes so many familiar numbers, you’re on to a
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Rip Off Britain Holidays presenters

Before Booking a Villa…

A Cautionary Tale: Booking.com The first story in today’s episode of Rip Off Britain Holidays (currently available on BBC iPlayer) is a warning to anyone contemplating booking through an OTA (Online Travel Agent). In this particular instance it was Booking.com,
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Fabulous pink flamingos

Flamingo Facts Quiz

When the salt lakes fill, the flamingos arrive Huge numbers of greater flamingos can be seen on Larnaca and Akrotiri salt lakes over the winter. As part of their conservation remit, BirdLife Cyprus observers contribute to the International Waterbird Census
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Happy Frappe Day!

Happy Frappe Day!

Quite a lot of Greek and Cypriot food and drink specialities were happy accidents, and here’s another… In 1957, Nestle representative Dimitris Vakondios – attending a conference in Thessaloniki – found himself without access to a kettle to make himself
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