Our Lovely New Pool and Garden

New pool

This year’s big changes have been a great team effort…

The Pergola

New pergola at night BBQ table and pool

Firstly huge thanks to the multi-talented Rhys and Dave who custom-made and installed this fantastic new pergola. Quite a challenge, due to the dimensions, but – we think – the perfect size for the outdoor dining area.

And the finishing touch is a neat dual-purpose canopy from Victoria Tents. Giving shade from the year-round Cyprus sun, along with waterproof protection from the off-season rain, this will make the patio a much more versatile space.

The Pool

New pool steps

The biggest change, though, is with the pool… It all started with the idea of replacing the liner and adding a border of ceramic mosaic tiles to help keep the waterline in tip-top condition. After meeting the wonderful Yiangos, and seeing his examples of his work, the job grew quite a lot bigger!

The pool depths have been altered… with the deeper end reduced, and the shallower depth slightly increased. The idea is that now at 1.5 metres adults can stand up in the deeper end, making it better for games like water polo, but keeping the shallower end for children. Also with a 1 metre depth, you can swim all the way to the Roman steps – no longer bumping into the bottom.

New pool steps close up
Colin the chlorine dispenser
Meet Colin – floating around, topping-up the chlorine. 😎

The simple new pool edging is granite. On the surrounding terrace, the previous patterned concrete has been replaced with anti-slip tiles recommended for swimming pools. The old earthquake cracks are a thing of the past, and everything looks fresh and neat. New post lights finish the updating. We are delighted with the finished result – hope our guests feel the same.

(We also took the opportunity to renew the pipework and install new equipment to make the pool run more effectively, bringing it above ground in the process.)

Yiangos has stressed that to preserve the new pipework, we should use a floating dispenser to keep the chemical levels correct – hence our new friend Colin the chlorine dispenser.

The Garden

In preparing for the pool works and pergola, elements of the garden had to be considerably reduced. Some shrubs we had fondly watched maturing over many years were removed and the fragrant stephanotis on the old pergola cut back. Although initially a bit of a shock, we soon got used to the new look, and came to like it at least as much, if not more than the old one. Without plants encroaching on the path, it’s easier to walk round the pool and there is more room for sun loungers. That, the tiling, and the new gravel make the garden look bigger. It feels like we’ve had a massive declutter!

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