Welcoming 2023 Guests

The well-equipped kitchen where everything is close to hand


One of the joys of staying in a holiday villa rather than a hotel, is the complete freedom it gives you. A villa really is a home-from-home, because you have the whole place to yourselves – there’s no sharing with strangers. You can rise and retire whenever you like, dine in or out as you prefer, there are no queues anywhere, and never any worries about finding a vacant lounger by the pool.

As Ampeli Villa is a well-loved and much-visited holiday home, our stays are not only a time for maintenance and updates, but also exploration to find new ideas to share with our guests – places to see, restaurants to visit and activities to experience in the local area. We share these regularly via the website, particularly on Our Cyprus Guide blog.

Stepladders Out!

At this time of the year Cyprus comes to life. Out come the stepladders, drills and pots of paint, as everyone beavers away sprucing up their surroundings after the winter rains. And at Ampeli Villa we have been busy bees getting ready for our summer visitors too…

Villa Changes

New: easyJet Onboard WiFi

easyjet onboard flight map
2 easyJet onboard menu

A new feature for 2023 is ‘easyJet onboard’ closed-loop WiFi. Once logged on, you can browse the food and drink menu, check out the duty free shopping options, play games, and – our favourite – access the flight map to track your journey in real time.

How To Connect

1 easyJet onboard QR

This feature is available once the aircraft has reached an altitude of 10,000 feet. With your device in flight mode, search the WiFi networks for easyJet onboard and once connected, either type onboard.easyjet.com into your browser, or scan the QR code shown on the card in front of you.

easyJet Onboard Games

3 easyJet onboard games
4 easyJet onboard sudoku

A choice of six entertaining games helps pass the time. As a sudoku addict, I was very happy with their simple, yet absorbing version.

The Flight Map – “Are We Nearly There Yet?”

A fascinating rolling slideshow of interactive views showing the live flight progress, with stats in alternating metric and imperial measurements. You can also drag and drop to see different perspectives. The perfect answer to the perennial question “Are we nearly there yet?”

WiFi Questions

The closed-loop WiFi is an internal onboard system with no access to the Internet. Access is free, with no data charges.

Pissouri Hot Summer Nights 2023

Pissouri amphitheatre

Just off Pissouri Square, the village built this magnificent modern amphitheatre as their ‘millennium project’. With a sea-view backdrop from the tiered stone steps, shows begin in daylight and continue through sunset, finishing under floodlights. A great community get-together, the atmosphere is lively and relaxed – with chat, banter, singing and dancing. Everyone takes cushions to sit on (a must for comfort!), plus cool boxes with drinks and snacks.

A visit to Pissouri amphitheatre for one of the summer ‘tribute act’ shows is one of our favs. There’s something magical and special about a live musical performance, and when it includes so many familiar numbers, you’re on to a winner.

Amphitheatre Live Tribute Concerts

By visiting the Cyprus tour promoters’ websites and Facebook pages, you can find further information on dates, venues, tickets, prices, etc. If there’s a concert you’d like to catch during your holiday, do book up early (you can do it online) to be sure of your tickets, as popular events can sell out.

Kendall Events

Morrelli Events

Other Ideas For Your Cyprus Holiday

Our Top Ten List

Pissouri Cyprus Night Returns

Pissouri Cyprus Night 2022
Cyprus Night in Pissouri Square

At long last, a favourite of holiday visitors and local residents, one of our Cyprus Top Ten list, is returning to the heart of the village. Organised by O’Vrakas and Symposio restaurants in Pissouri Square, the much-missed evening of dinner accompanied by a family-friendly show of traditional music and dancing, plus spectacular glass-balancing feats is back for the peak 2022 season.

More village highlights, while you are visiting Pissouri – a typical Cypriot village.

For extra activities that we are happy to personally recommend, see Our Top Ten List.

Pissouri Summer 2022 Concerts

Pissouri amphitheatre

A visit to Pissouri amphitheatre for one of the summer ‘tribute act’ shows is one of our favs. There’s something magical and special about a live musical performance, and when it includes so many familiar numbers, you’re on to a winner.

Just off Pissouri Square, the magnificent modern amphitheatre was built as the village’s ‘millennium project’. With a sea-view backdrop from the tiered stone steps, shows begin in daylight and continue through sunset, finishing under floodlights. A great community get-together, the atmosphere is lively and relaxed – with chat, banter, singing and dancing. Everyone takes cushions to sit on (a must for comfort!), plus cool boxes with drinks and snacks.

Pissouri Tribute-Act Concerts

By visiting the Cyprus tour promoters’ websites and Facebook pages, you can find further information on dates, venues, tickets, prices, etc. If there’s a concert you’d like to catch during your holiday, do book up early (you can do it online) to be sure of your tickets, as popular events can sell out.

Kendall Events

Morrelli Events

Other Ideas For Your Cyprus Holiday

Our Top Ten List

Optimism For Cyprus Holidays in 2022

Optimism For Cyprus Holidays in 2022

Long lazy sunny days, aquamarine tranquil seas, water park fun, great food, and a warm traditional Cypriot welcome await visitors to Cyprus this season. The wait has been long, but now you can start looking forward to planning your summer 2022 getaway.

Ryanair and easyJet

Popular choices from the UK are easyJet or Ryanair for a variety of reasons… Their comfortable green-friendly modern fleets, websites and apps, straightforward booking processes, competitive fares, flight options and schedules.

With regional departures, many visitors will find a good selection of Cyprus departure options close to home.

See our Travel Info page for more information about flight options from different UK regions and European airports.

Cape Aspro and Pissouri Bay just before the turn for PFO

A familiar view?

Regular visitors to Pissouri will be familiar with this view on arrival as their plane follows the coastline from Paphos before looping inland over Pissouri village to return for the westerly approach to the airport runway. With Cyprus’ low motorway traffic, you can be confident about arriving at Ampeli Villa a mere 20 minutes after leaving PFO.

Supporting the travel sector

Over the past two seasons the travel industry has taken a massive financial hit due to international restrictions on travel, along with constantly changing rules over traffic-light categorisations of countries, PCR tests, flight passes, passenger locator forms, vaccine passports, quarantine, etc., etc. Many consumers cancelled their plans due to the uncertainty, even when restrictions were lifted. EasyJet has reported billion pound losses in both 2020 and 2021. They have allowed customers to make late booking changes, and adapted their processes to enable this to be done online, rather than by phone, as previously.

Booking new flights

As the airlines review their costs, they are inevitably looking at ways of recouping their losses. If you are booking new flights now, rather than rescheduling a previous booking, we suggest comparing airlines and looking beyond the headline fare, because the extras add up more quickly than they used to.

EasyJet, for example, have reduced the size of included hand baggage. It now has to be small enough to fit under the seat in front, rather than in the overhead bins. Their extras are now similar to Ryanair’s.

Jet 2 is worth considering, due to their more generous baggage allowances.

The Hungarian airline Wizz Air – flying to Larnaca airport – offers competitive fares. This is a good option if you plan to hire a car, rather than take a taxi transfer.

Sunny Cyprus this summer?

At the time of writing (March 2022) the forthcoming season is looking increasingly positive. The UK Government has just removed restrictions for returning travellers, meaning there is no longer the need to complete a passenger locator form, book any tests or worry about the risk of having to undergo a post-holiday quarantine. The combination of Covid vaccinations, widespread natural immunity, improved medical knowledge, effective anti-viral therapies and the emergence of the milder Omicron Coronavirus variant have been game changers.

At long last we can all look forward with confidence to a holiday in the sun! 😎

To ask a question, or for more information about booking, plus our weekly rates, Enquire and Book.

Welcome to Cyprus 2021

UK vaccine rollout

With so much uncertainty around international travel since the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s refreshing to have a clear message from the Cyprus Government. Recognising the undoubted success of the UK’s vaccination rollout, Cyprus has set out its stall early in an effort to encourage British tourists to visit the island.

UK visitors can normally count on a warm Cypriot welcome, but after last year’s disastrous holiday season, expect to receive an even warmer reception in summer 2021.

Vaccinated Brits

As far as Cyprus is concerned, British visitors will be welcome from May 1st 2021.

The UK Government, however, has stated that the earliest date that travel can resume will not be until May 17th.

Cyprus promises no additional entry requirements for UK travellers who have received their second dose of an approved vaccine at least a week prior to arrival. For those who have only had their first jab, or not been vaccinated – as last year – a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure will be required.

Authorities are currently working on a ‘vaccination passport’ system to verify vaccination status.

What makes Cyprus a Covid safe destination?

Throughout the pandemic, the Cyprus Government has received plaudits for their early adoption of strict control measures.

As an island nation, it was relatively straightforward to limit 2020 visitors according to departure country. These were categorised as red, amber and green according to their infection rates, with differing requirements for each. Arrival rules were reviewed every two weeks throughout the summer.

Local lockdowns required prior permission via text message to leave home for a limited range of reasons and time period, along with night time curfews and travel restrictions. Social distancing, capacity limits for shops and restaurants, mask wearing, sanitiser, quarantine, and other Covid protocols were compulsory – with no exceptions. Compliance was ensured via a combination of draconian fines and high visibility policing.

And despite tourism being a major income earner for the island, this was sacrificed, rather than risk residents’ safety. Tourism revenue dropped by a massive 85% last season, as travel from the UK was only allowed from August 1st, and even then only on the proviso that visitors presented a negative PCR test certificate. Random arriving flights were also selected for mass testing, to ensure that these measures were effective.

As a result of these strict protocols, Cyprus is able to claim a good record on controlling the virus. By Thursday, there had been just 36,004 infections and 232 deaths since the pandemic started. At the time of writing, Cyprus is vaccinating their age 69+ residents, while the UK is vaccinating age 56+. Visitors should also find it reassuring that the Cypriot authorities have introduced widespread testing, with almost all local residents obliged to take a rapid antigen test once a week – the European Union leader in spot tests per person.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance

One thing 2020 has shown us is the vital importance of making sure you have good travel insurance. Not only in case anything goes awry during your time away, but also to cover any unforeseen eventualities that might arise between booking and travel – such as the dreaded Covid-19 – it’s crucial to take out your travel insurance at the time you book your holiday. Putting off arranging your travel insurance until just before your trip, or risking travelling without any insurance could be costly mistakes.

If you take several holidays or business trips abroad within a year, it may be worthwhile exploring annual insurance options, rather than relying on a number of separate single-trip policies. Not only could this save time and hassle, but it could save money too.

Cover to look out for:

  • Medical expenses – including private hospital stays, private medical treatment, and in an extreme emergency – getting you back home (medical repatriation) – while a good European travel policy will give £1 million worth of cover, for travel to the USA you need £2 million medical insurance
  • Cancellation and curtailment – in case you need to cancel your holiday entirely, or to return home early – look for £2000 minimum cover
  • Missed departure or delays – due to unforeseen circumstances such as a car breakdown or accident en route to the airport – aim for at least £500 cover
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage – ideally over £1500 cover
  • Valuables and currency – whatever you need for valuables cover, plus maybe £500 for money equivalents (such as pre-paid tickets) and £300 for cash
  • Personal liability cover – in case you accidentally injure a third party, or damage property – a good policy will offer £2 million cover
  • Scheduled airline failure – in case your airline goes out of business – £1500 plus
  • Loss of passport – towards the additional expenses involved in replacing a lost or stolen passport – perhaps £250

Packaged bank accounts

When – thanks to a birthday – the cost of our annual policy suddenly leapt up, we were very glad to learn about the benefits of packaged bank accounts which include travel insurance within the monthly account fee. If you fit the income criteria and can make use of the perks these accounts offer, they can offer fantastic value.

But which to choose? We searched trusted information sources online for an unbiased assessment and advice. MoneySavingExpert.com recommends checking out the Co-op Everyday Extra account (£15 per month) for couples and older travellers as it provides worldwide family travel insurance up to age 80, plus smartphone insurance and RAC breakdown cover. They also suggest considering the Halifax Ultimate Reward account (£17 per month) for worldwide family travel insurance (including winter sports), smartphone insurance, home emergency cover and AA breakdown cover. Which.co.uk highlights the First Direct First Directory account (£15 per month) offering a similar package.

Nationwide FlexPlus

Another account to consider is the Nationwide FlexPlus account (£13 per month) chosen by both MoneySavingExpert and Which as their best buy.


Like the others, it offers comprehensive worldwide family travel cover (including winter sports), plus smartphone insurance, along with UK and European breakdown cover – this time with Britannia Rescue. MSE calculates the value of the total package as £500 for an annual fee of £156. Also as it can be a joint account, a couple can both benefit. And flexible additional cover can be added if you need it… For example if you are over 70, have existing medical conditions, want to add hazardous activities, or to make trips over their standard 31 days.

At the time of writing Nationwide has (hopefully temporarily) closed their Recommend-a-Friend scheme where anyone opening a FlexPlus account using a referral from an existing customer earns each party a £100 bonus. If you are considering opening an account for the insurance package, do check first whether this has been reinstated and get in touch if you would like to know our referral code.

Majestic Mountains – a Refreshing Change of Scene

Venetian bridge

Holidays in Cyprus conjure up images of turquoise seas and pretty beaches. Swimming, snorkelling, diving and sailing are features of a typical stay on the island. But head inland towards the cool of the Troodos Mountains and you will discover a different world entirely.

One village in particular has been transformed in recent years – after local man John Papadouris returned to his native homeland. Having lived in the UK and Dubai for many years, he was shocked and disappointed to find the mountain village of Kalopanayiotis in serious decline. Fortunately his business experience and civil engineering background, combined with vision and enthusiasm proved the perfect recipe for rejuvenating the village.

Across the river, opposite the vehicle bridge is the monastery of St John Lampadistis which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The walls and ceilings are filled with stunning frescoes dating back to the Byzantine era. There is also a Byzantine museum on the site.

Following the river upstream leads to a Venetian bridge and the sulphur springs. There is a choice of well-marked nature trails from the village centre, ranging from gentle strolls to energetic hikes.

Cross the wooden footbridge and walk back past the hotel’s orchards. A magnificent funicular railway lifts you up to the hotel level of the village for €1.

Kalopanayiotis village

Get to know what Cyprus was like, and the beauty of the mountains… There is so much more to see and do and learn about the mountain village life in Cyprus.

John Papadouris

Scenic drive to Kalopanayiotis

“Siga siga” – as they say in Cyprus – “slowly slowly”

Take your time with the scenic drive to the mountains. The route takes you firstly through gently rolling hills clad with grapevines. You pass several wineries which offer visitor tours, if you wish to pause. Another good stopping off point is the beautiful historic town of Omodos with its traditional stone buildings and vibrant floral displays. As you approach the mountains, the roads twist and turn, with spectacular views in every direction. There are a number of view points to allow you to stretch your legs and appreciate the vistas. The air is cooler and fresher amid the shady pine forested slopes.

Casale Panayiotis

The Casale Panayiotis hotel occupies 7 tastefully and sympathetically restored village houses and offers 41 guest rooms, together with a spa. Their Byzantino Restaurant, Byzantino Café or Pantheon casual dining are open to both hotel residents and village visitors.

We can recommend the wonderful views and delicious lunch menu at the Pantheon. Kalí órexi!

The UK-Cyprus Air Bridge

Safe travel to Cyprus

You Can Feel Safe About Travelling To Cyprus

The horrendous Covid-19 pandemic has played havoc with the travel industry this season. With strict measures taken early, the Cyprus government has kept the island very safe for residents and visitors. UK tourists have only been allowed in since 1 August, and only then with a negative test. Because their stats are so low, the UK has an ‘air bridge’ arrangement with Cyprus meaning there is no need to quarantine on arrival back from holiday.

6 reasons to be happy that Cyprus wants UK visitors to test

Snap Up a Last-Minute Break

All the uncertainty has led to the unusual situation where we currently have some last-minute availability for September and October. We are exceptionally lucky that Pissouri is a resort with many returning visitors. Because of this we have many repeat guests who book for the following season as soon as they return from their holiday.

Flight Bargains

Currently easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, WizzAir and BA are flying from the UK to Cyprus. Check out their websites because there are some incredible flight bargains on offer for the remainder of the 2020 season.

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